Cowboy felt hat Stetson Hackberry

Last updated February 11, 2019 The Stetson Hackberry felt cowboy hat was the first quality hat I bought. And it turned out to be a particularly successful purchase, I am fully satisfied; the hat is soft, light, warm, 3 essential requirements for a hat to wear when it's cold.

Stetson 10X straw hat Grant: my best

Last updated November 3, 2018 Stetson straw hat Grant is an: interesting hat for the hot seasons: light, stiffy, waterproof, in summer is the ideal even for the sun. I dreamed a lot of time to have a hat with this style, and now this little big dream became true.

Stetson felt hat Batson Cattleman

Last updated November 3, 2018 Stetson Batson Cattleman is a good quality felt hat made in 100% wool, obviously waterproof, very comfortable, soft, light, a pleasure to keeps. This hat is present on Stetson Europe website, is made in China, and the quality is very high, spot-on for cold and mid-season, easy and very pleasant portability.