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Double Edge safety razor shave: oh yeah…

Last updated on 2018-06-11

My double edge safety razor: Edwin Jagger DE89 closed comb, and Parker 63C open comb: oh, little creatures that make smile on my face ...
Double edge safety razor shave

Do you like shaving with double edge safety razor? If you did not try yet, you should do.
And you could find out than shaving against the grain is not necessary as well as potentially harmful, especially if you shave all the days.

Just recently I find out the DE safety razor shave

Oh my friends, how much is really “better late than never”: just a few weeks ago I tried for the first time in my life the Double Edge razor shave, I'm learning to use, because is not a razor so simple to use as multi-blade; nothing difficult, but is another way to do, is another razor, for the planning, for the weight, for the way to use it.

I regret nothing about multi-blade, especially for five-blade, for me really something great, in confront between two or three-blade, the difference in better is really high, another world, for the quality shave and the duration of the blade, almost five times more in comparison of two and three-blade.

The DE razor shave is another world too, and first thing astonished me has been the sweetness shave, I didn't wait for a caress so soft, in open comb too, if I think to multi-blade.
And with my pleasure, I find out then is not always necessary shave against the grain, especially all the days, if you shave daily.

I was obsessed by shave against the grain with multi-blade razor, and sometimes irritating the skin, just now I begin to understand that a good quality shave, can be without torture against the grain.

The real aggressive blade is multi-blade, although I just speak well about my experience with five-blade: but safety double edge razor is another way to live the shave.

My first DE safety razors: open and closed comb

For my first DE safety razors, I purchased the Edwin Jagger DE89BL closed comb and has been a great, pleasant surprise.
Thanks to this I appreciated a lot even the quality blade, is not all same.
As a neophyte, I'm very curious to know more about the blade, with the aim to create e good marriage between razor and blade.

As open comb instead, I purchased the safety razor Parker 63C, where I use the Feather blade, while in Edwin Jagger the Personna platinum blade.

The quality shave of the DE safety razor

Before to entry in technical details, then I like to get so far, I would write more about the skin sensation of the quality shave of DE safety razor, than in the last years is living something like a revival.

When I began to shave, over thirty years ago, the DE razors were practically out of the market, at least you were to be a DE lover for find this item, because of the mainstream trend was at that time the multi-blade, suggested as the innovation, in some ways.

So for a lot of years, I used these, with results anything but satisfactory, especially for the zone as below the nose, the chin, and in the neckline.

With the DE safety razor, is possible to arrive even in the difficult zone of the face, with little movements, sweetly, without to irritate the skin, making a high-quality shave, with a great satisfaction for me; not all the movements with DE razor are possible with multi-blade.

I like a bunch take a good moment for myself when I shave, and when the result is good, I'm gladder after shaving, and my day goes well.
Little things like the shaving, are the little great satisfaction of life, for me at least.

I'm learning, and I'm glad to do.
So keep well & stay in touch.


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