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A sweet return to the five-blade razor shave

Last updated on 2018-06-15

My two, three and five-blade razor shave: the first two I used for a lot of years, recently I tried five-blade but when I decided to try DE safety razor I finally found out my ideal kind of shaving
2, 3 and 5blade razor shave

If I've got the great satisfaction to arrived at the DE safety razor it was thanks to the five-blade because of I was searching for a better shaving.
Although now I can't let the DE safety razor blade that I fell in love, I'm usually don't forget what was, and I would not feel honest if I had to speak badly about five-blade razor shave.

Although you don't shave every day the next shaving could be better

The day I wrote this post it was a not good day when I woke up, I didn't make the shave.
But a moment later, I thought: tomorrow the shaving will be better, with more passion, yes.
And so it was.

So a few weeks ago I fell in love with safety razor shaving to the point I don't come back, I wanted to shave with five-blade that for me remains the best multi-blade razor I tried, and I never been a fanatic so I don't regret anything.

It has been a sweet return to the old time, I used multi-blade for over 30 years, and five-blade only just 6 months ago, and only just (two) DE safety razor a few weeks ago but is true love.
I was almost sorry to send retire the five-blade, because if I arrived at the safety razor shave choice, love of my life, I say thanks to the five-blade too, because of I was searching for a good shaving, and finally, I found something to be glad, that is the safety razor shave three parts with double edge blades.

I don't like to waste good things, I could never permit me to do, I tried the poverty and I never could throw away things still good.
I have still a lot of multi-blade and every now and then I will use it inside every day shaving with safety razor DE, so I can appreciate more the result I've got with the beautiful old and always alive DE single blade.

A sweet return to the five-blade razor shave

Sweet memories of old times and not only, because of shaving in this way with a multi-blade razor without a good satisfaction shaving, just a few months ago.
For my fault, perhaps my laziness too, I was convinced that shaving was almost a nuisance, and I was obsessed by the shaving against the grain:

1st, for my artlessness I didn't consider shaving against the grain was not strictly necessary;

2nd, given the little shaving satisfaction, I always erroneously thought I didn't get better, and obviously, I wronged.

Better late than never is a great concept, I often remember.

So, when I tried for the first time, just a few months ago, the five-blade razor shave, it opened me a new world to the shaving, and finally I knew a good shaving can be, or better must be a great satisfaction, a little big pleasure, all that little big thinks than make great the life.

I found out a new world for the sweetness of the shaving, although I was still obsessed by shaving against the grain.
And thanks to the DE safety razor shave I found out something new more, so I completely broke down the shaving against the grain, and I re-evaluated the shaving concept.
Oh yes my friends, a sweetness shaving every day with DE safety razor and no more shaving against the grain: my skin thanked me, and I too.

But: no more shaving against the grain

The sweetness of a good shaving for me by then is unfailingly linked to not to do more the shaving against the grain: except little zone, but very little, where the hairs are strongest, like under the neck, but a sweet and little touch with my DE safety razor Parker 63C open comb, or the Edwin Jagger DE89BL closed comb: and the pleasure is great, oh yeah.

Needless to say one more time, I worked out this problem with DE safety razor than makes me found out another way to shaving, and now, I can appreciate much more even the multi-blade razor, although when I will finish the multi-blade than I have more and I will use every now and then, I will not be able to come back because of shaving with DE is really another satisfaction in comparison with multi-blade.

Shaving against the grain got me a little skin irritation, fortunately, nothing bad, but it was not pleasant and I could not shave me every day as I like.
Using the DE safety razor for me is a sweet path of no return because of this kind of shaving is that I want to move forward.
So keep well your shaving and stay in touch.


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