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AWStats for visits statistics

AWStats are the default program used by af1. it for visits statistics, does not track information and does not install cookies, but simply analyzes accesses from server logs.

Cookies used by

Here are the cookies used by with their names and there are links to the extensive information of third parties where it explains how the collected data are processed and how to change the configuration of cookies.

Third-party cookies

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No social cookies are installed unless you click on the icons, where you open the pages for sharing the articles of the respective social networks, which even if you have not yet logged in may still install cookies.
To share the articles you need to log in to different social networks.

How to delete cookies on browser

It is a good habit to routinely and frequently delete cookies from your browser and browsing history.

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Data processing

In order to comply with specific legal obligations (Measures and expedients prescribed to the holders of electronic processing with regard to the assignments of the functions of system administrator – of 27 November 2008 and published in the Official Gazette No. 300 of 24 December 2008), registered by the Internet Service Providers technical data connecting users in text files stored in server memory (Log files).

A series of information is recorded in the log files: visitor’s IP address, date and time of access to the site displayed page possible web page of origin browser and operating system used. These data (the collection of which is a legal obligation) allow us to trace the identity of the holder of the connection, but only as a result of precise technical verifications that can only be performed by the judicial authority. These data are stored on the server, there is the obligation of the ISP to maintain them for a reasonable period established by law before eliminating them (art.5 comma 2 paragrafo f. Registrazione degli accessi).

All the texts of the articles on the site are the property of the author who wrote them (Felice Amadeo), the Italian law, as well as international, recognizes copyright and intellectual property rights (No. 633 of 22 April 1941 – lda and subsequent amendments such as the Law of August 18, 2000, No. 248).

The site is subject to periodic anti-fraud checks, so it is easy to identify violations even if articles, or part of them, were taken years ago. It is not allowed to copy the texts of the articles on af1. it, otherwise I feel authorized to delegate to the law firm the related copyright infringement and act in the most appropriate ways, according to the methods provided by law in pursuing what a crime is considered by the law itself: publication is not permitted without the author’s authorization.

Anyone can feel free to insert a link to the pages of in their site (provided that this site does not violate the ethical and moral standards), citing the source with a link working towards the specific page:

Example (to be inserted in the HTML code):

<blockquote cite="">
KBParadise V60 vintage style with Matias click switch is a very interesting mechanical keyboard even for the rate quality/price.

Article Source:
KBParadise V60 with Matias click switch: good recoil

When you insert a few lines of text (not over) in your site, taken as in the example above, it is good to include them in these tags:

<blockquote cite="”>
… lines of text taken …

This tag clearly indicates to search engines that the text token is a quote and belongs to the site indicated in the source, unlike the copied text.

Conditions of use

The articles in (the site) written in a completely independent way, they do not want and should not in any way represent an incentive to buy products or services, spend money, or use any product or service.

They are articles written with a seriousness that intend to provide useful information for the purely cognitive purpose, although there may be inaccuracies and errors, so they cannot represent a guarantee for the information reported. The opinions, considerations, and opinions expressed in the articles are to be intended exclusively referable to the author.

In no way can you attribute to the site for any purchases and/or use of products, services, or any articles reviewed, which are not deemed to be met.af1. it does not sell anything, it’s a personal website where I write about what interests me, and it’s not a newspaper. It’s just me writing the articles on this site, my ideas (even in the comments when enabled) are purely subjective.

The advertisements (when present on the site) are used to finance the management work.


The articles related to products intended for (possible) protective, curative, alimentary, well-being, are (obviously) also written only for purely cognitive and illustrative purposes. Nothing that is written on af1. it can be interpreted as a council of employment, or use of any product.

The author of the site

Felice Amadeo

I worked for 26 years in the factory, in the metalworking, plastic and chemical industries, before working with the internet.

Source images

The photographs on is taken from free photos and royalty-free images and do not require any link attribution or other sources. From this point of view these sites of royalty free photos are a good resource. The photographs always remain the property of their authors. Those who detect inaccuracies can contact me.

The custom list number styling I'm using is on CSS Tricks.


If you wish to contact me, this is the email address:
I will reply as soon as possible. I do not answer questions or comments regarding published articles. If you want to contact me, use this page, write name, surname, subject of the request and message.I will be answering you as soon as possible.


Felice Amadeo:'s author&owner lives by my passion, if you want to support my work, donate. Thanks. af1it

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