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Why wear the hat: the extension of yourself

Last updated on 2019-02-11

The hat is something beyond the wear, is the extension of yourself, is your status
The hat is your status

Wear the hat is something more than protect you from the weather: is a status, is something make feel you better, at ease.
The hat is not just for the weather, especially the hard weather; strong rain, snow, direct sunlight, wind.
It's clear, this is the role of the hat, but not just this: is much more.

  1. The hat is your status
  2. The hat is not an accessory
  3. The hat is a pleasure to wear
  4. Shopping ideas

Why wear the hat: 'cause the hat is your status (something special for you)

If you love your hat, you keep it always good, and you always wear it, even when you are in your home, is the extension of yourself, as much as other clothes you love in a special way, is your status.

You can wear a lot of hats, different in typology, or perhaps you especially love one kind of Cowboy style, as I like.
I like a bunch cowboy style hats, high crown, large brim, very good protection as much in winter as in the hot seasons, it makes me feel better, I feel me at ease when I keep it on my head, it reassures me, I always like to see the brim before me, and aside.
And is a good sensation.

I remember when I bought my first Steston straw hat, one of my best, or the Akubra hat Bronco, good fur felt, high crown 'cause I'm crazy for the high crown, large brim too, a very and good strong hat made to last, and I like so, because I don't like things don't have a long durability, disposable is not for me.

I like Zippo, durable mechanical keyboards, loud razor shave, strong boots, sturdy jeans, solid buckle and belts, and Cowboy hats too.

When I purchase an item, I search to spend the money in the best way possible, in rate quality, price, and my taste.
And the hat is the hat, is something beyond the wear.

It is not an accessory but the extension of your personality

1) The hat is a pleasure to wear, it must be, otherwise, why take it? You must not have half measures, or you like it very much, unconditionally, or nothing, because if you like it less it is not enough, it must be an extension of yourself;

2) it is not, and it should not be a simple accessory, it is and should be something like a tattoo, part of you, something special that useful you, that makes you feel better and at ease wherever you are, just because you know what's up;

3) it is something that must never wait for the judgment of others: it must please you exclusively. Dot.

As I have already written in other articles on my website, in the last years of my life I had to make a virtue of necessity in making my philosophy "better late than never", and fortunately it is possible to put it into practice, and it works, overall.

Among the things, different and many, that fill my life with satisfaction that I appreciate every day, yes, I discovered that I really like wearing a hat.
Apart from the fact that I have always endured the cold to the head in general, forehead and ears especially, and in cold seasons I almost always brought a hat, a simple wool cap, or fleece, something so extremely practical and effective, however aesthetically nothing that.

Coming out often with the dog for long walks, I realized how even a visor could come back very useful, to repair from the sun or sometimes from the light even when the sun hides behind the clouds, or pretends to do it, or when it rains apart from a simple and effective waterproof clothing I also need a hat with a visor, better still with a brim because it repairs a lot more.

So I told myself to combine business with pleasure, not to limit myself only to the visor (the brim), but since I was there to choose a hat that would also give me good humor, because this happens when I'm passionate about something, so I opted for a western style hat.

Since I was at my first time purchase of a real hat in my life, I did not want to spend too much to not find myself sorry in the case then I was not at ease, but I could not even spend almost anything to bring home something that however I do not make the idea good.

And so I decided to spend about €30 for a discrete item, an Australian style hat of those that inevitably recall the western style, complete with drafts, or those dimples on the front of the crown that allow you to easily take the hat in your hands to wear it, take it off, and fix it, and then…

The hat: a pleasure to wear

…and then I'v got that I immediately loved it and that I could hardly do without it, I like it, it comes in handy, and makes me feel so comfortable that I often wear it even when I'm at home.

It is in leather, rather thin considering the price (at least genuine leather is what is written on the label inside the hat, inside the crown), but not only did it help me to understand how much I liked to wear it, how it makes me feel comfortable, but it made me immediately want to buy a Stetson, the real ones, a legend of hats made in the USA, and to hear about the Stetson was many years ago in the novels of Jim Thompson, and from then the charm of these hats, of this brand, has not anymore.

There is nothing to do, when I am passionate about something then it always ends up that somehow, and to some extent, I have to realize what my desire, and I have not waited more than a few days before buying the Stetson Hackberry, whose brand belongs to the myth of hats in the USA and not only, so much so that throughout the West the name of the founder of the well-known brand, John B. Stetson, was synonymous with hat par excellence from 1865 onwards.

Practical, comfortable, beautiful: as if it were made to measure.
The hat must fit well, as it was made to measure for your head, which should be extremely comfortable and practical as far as I'm concerned cannot be questioned, and of course, since you buy it, it's because you like it, so you find beautiful.

When I decided to buy a hat with a good brim that went well beyond the concept of brim, also to repair from the water in a consistent, concrete way, I immediately had the idea of a western style hat, cowboy if you prefer, a hat from herdsman in plain words, suitable hat and designed for those who work at the open also exposed to the elements, a hat that soon became a must-have accessory for many people in different cultures.

Then I find that the band on the hat, when not particularly excessive, is particularly attractive.
In the Stetson Hackberry with pieces of embossed metal surrounding the crown on a strap in soft leather, I find both a touch of style not intrusive but that well it's there.

The fact that it is made of woolen felt makes it a winter hat, to be worn from October to March, and for the hot seasons, I have the western Aussie style in rather light leather.

Oh yeah, keep your hat, enjoy your life & stay in touch.

Shopping ideas for cowboy hats

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