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Stetson 10X straw hat Grant: my best

Last updated on 2018-11-03

Stetson 10X straw hat Grant has been my first straw hat and first Stetson made in the U.S.A. and I like a bunch it, with the touch style of the leather hatband with rhomboidal studs: simply great hat
Stetson 10X straw hat Grant

Stetson straw hat Grant is an: interesting hat for the hot seasons: light, stiffy, waterproof, in summer is the ideal even for the sun.
I dreamed a lot of time to have a hat with this style, and now this little big dream became true.

My first Stetson straw hat: my best

Stetson 10X straw hat Grant has been my first Stetson straw hat, and first made in the U.S.A.
The shipping cost and customs charges make the price double, but so it was, at least for my 2nd purchase for straw hat, the Stetson Rancher, I saved some money with the USPS shipping, instead of the private carrier where the cost is higher.

I will remember for my next purchase in the U.S.A.
For me the Stetson Grant hat is amazing, I love the crown, the dent, the crease, the brim: is really ok, a pleasure to keep.

10X straw makes a good fabric texture, comfortable to wear even because is stiff, but very thin and strong, made to last.
The flouresin coated gives to the hat an interesting resistance, and it keeps an important transpiration that must never be lacking in a good hat, whatever material it is.
At least I think this is the same treatment given to the felt hat.

This is the description of the treatment made in Stetson felt hat Batson Cattleman, and the word flouresin I didn't find anywhere: perhaps is a kind of say about fluoroproducts, as written on AsahiGuard website (
I didn't find the word flouresin anywhere, but I think is about fluoroproducts

Why I purchased Stetson 10X straw hat Grant

If I purchased the Stetson hat Grant is because I'm crazy for the crown in this way, and so I purchased even the Stetson Rancher than has the crown a little higher, in the Stetson straw hat if I don't wrong, the highest.

The hatband of Stetson straw hat Grant is much better of that Rancher: first is in leather, bi-color light brown and clearer, with little metallic insert, rhomboid studs: a very thin hat band but elegant and well done, a little touch of style.

I purchased this hat with the same size of felt hat, and results little tight, is not uncomfortable, absolutely, but just a little tight: and given then every cloud has a silver lining, I found out it keeps the sweat very well, and even though the leather sweatband than not adsorbs the sweat but it wets and stop, the little tight size in this situation returns me very useful, even while working hard.

I would like a lot a different material for the sweatband, a fabric that helps to absorb the sweat and easy to clean and dry; but this hat so is.

Stetson 10X straw hat Grant has been my first experience with the straw hat, and I was looking for a light hat but stiff and weather-resistant, something could be spot-on for the hot seasons.
And this is right, is what I want.

What means for me an hat like this

I like a bunch the Stetson straw hat Grant, I'm really crazy for this kind of crown, sure I will purchase another felt hat with the crown so high and the crease and the dent so strong !!!

I appreciate a lot this kind of hats, one of the classic cowboy hats, for me at least than I always had a lot of admiration for the historical brand like Stetson, picturing the importance for people that wear this hats, and the hat with this crown so high, with the fender bender on the dent side, and the crease as a great furrow in the earth, is my meat.

“I listen about Stetson reading Jim Thompson's novels, watching U.S.A. film where actors with mask face wore a big hat with wide brim and high crown.”

But after all, in the real documentary about ordinary people and their work: sheriffs, cowboy, carpenters, men in festive clothes with starched jeans, rodeo, and so.

How much I dreamed to wear a hat like this, by an icon U.S.A. brand and all that it represents for a lot of people.
Wear the cowboy hat became for me a great satisfaction that makes me better: that's all.

So keep well your hat and stay in touch.


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