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Cowboy felt hat Stetson Hackberry

Cowboy felt hat Stetson Hackberry: although I think is just for European market, is a very good hat
Cowboy felt hat Stetson Hackberry

The Stetson Hackberry felt cowboy hat was the first quality hat I bought.
And it turned out to be a particularly successful purchase, I am fully satisfied; the hat is soft, light, warm, 3 essential requirements for a hat to wear when it's cold.

  1. Stetson Hackberry features
  2. Western hat style
  3. Where to buy the Stetson Hackberry

Features of the Stetson Hackberry felt cowboy hat: comfortable and comfortable

The Stetson Hackberry cowboy felt hat was on the Stetson Europe website, but not on Stetson U.S.A., perhaps because it is no longer in production for the United States, I do not know, or perhaps was intended for European market.

On the Stetson website of the U.S.A., the choice is really much wider than the European, not only for felt hats but above all also for cowboy straw hats.

But back to the Stetson Hackberry: very light in weight, very comfortable to wear, particularly soft, the brim easily adjustable, two beautiful drafts on the crown make the grip in hands very pleasant, when you wear it and take it off, nice also the fold above the crown, the fold where he usually puts his index finger when wearing and takes off his hat: index in the fold, thumb, and middle on the side drafts.

100% wool, felt, Asahi Guard® treatment that makes it water-repellent, even to possible oil stains, as the description on the product tags supports.

I tested it in the pouring rain, under the snow, has never made a fold, the water does not cross the cloth, it remains practically on the surface; when wet with water it is shaken vigorously on the leg to let it fall as much water as possible before entering a dry place when it rains.

Always warm, soft, transpiring and extremely dry on the inside, a really fun, I had never tried a hat of similar quality, so much and all together.

The only thing to do when it is wet from the rain, just let it dry alone on a terry towel, not even use heat sources (radiator, hair dryer, etc.) as it may be damaged, but honestly I do not see the necessity, also because internally it is always dry, warm and impeccable, basic characteristic for a good hat, excellent quality.

The shape is particularly eye-catching aesthetically speaking, I think it can always be safely worn, after all when a person has the habit of wearing a hat, he carries it as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
I bought the Stetson Hackberry black, I know it is also available in dark brown.
Outside the crown there is a hatband in particularly soft leather with metal studs, not at all intrusive or tacky, at least for me; they give that rustic touch that never hurts.

The brims are sufficiently large, and long, as the style of cowboy hats; excellent to protect from sunlight, as well as from the elements.

Even the inside of the hat is particularly nice, a beautiful and healthy fabric sweatband that is very practical to clean and comfortable to wear even when you sweat, and the inside of the crown is always felt.

Among the hats I've tried, the Stetson Hackberry felt is absolutely the most comfortable, it is perceived particularly soft when worn, an important feature of quality western hats.

The style of the western hat: without half measures

The 100% wool Stetson Hackberry felt cowboy hat, not only was the first purchase of a quality hat, but it was the one that opened the way for my passion for cowboy hats.

I've always liked them, but until just over a year ago I still could not contemplate wearing a hat, I wore only a woolen cap in the cold seasons, a headgear of those that also cover the ears.

And once the delays were broken, I not only understood that wearing the hat goes well beyond the aesthetic side, which I honestly do not worry about; the hat is a pleasure to wear, almost an extension of oneself, a bit like a tattoo: if you do, you must do it because you like it, not for others or for what they think.

The hat, as far as I'm concerned, from this point of view is the same thing, so much so that I almost always wear it, even when I'm at home and nobody sees me, I put it because it makes me feel better, at my ease.

Where to buy the Stetson Hackberry western felt hat

The Stetson Hackberry is present on,, on, on and the prices are affordable for a hat of this quality, intended to last over time.

This is why I do not think it's worthwhile investing money to buy cheap cowboy hats because we all know that often, what is cheap is worthless.
I like to buy products created to last, with the same quality when new, for many years to come, especially if it comes to clothing, so I think.

The Stetson Hackberry can be found, and buy in Europe, without particular difficulties, the standard price is still as last year, at least at the time of writing, was €119.00 (%134 about, £105), if shipping costs are free.

I like the hats a lot, and I do not have to say those in western style, cowboy, and when I buy one I want it to last a long time, for a long time to come, this is one of my prerogatives when I buy something, even more so if you want a product that I particularly care about, like a pair of shoes, boots, or a hat.

Keep well your hat & stay in touch.


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