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Cowboy felt hat Akubra Woomera

Last updated on 2019-02-10

Me with my Akubra Woomera, my recent purchase
Me with my Akubra Woomera

Akubra Woomera felt cowboy hat: beyond the hat with the customizable style of the iconic Australian brand.
The crown is 16 cm high (6.3 inch), and as if this were not enough, it is highly customizable both for the drafts and the height.
One of the strengths of this western open-crown hat.

Western felt hat Akubra Woomera: open crown to customize

Begin from the name.
Woomera: it is an instrument used by the Australian Aborigines to improve the throwing range, in the hunt, as you can see in this video.

The name Woomera also corresponds to that of an Australian city.
The Akubra Woomera cowboy hat, by default, is one of those defined open crown, that is, with the crown open, without drafts or folds on the sides or even above.
On the sides, however, there are two slight drafts, just mentioned, while above is, in fact, with an open wide crown.

But here is the genius: in the upper part of the crown, there is a type of padding in particularly malleable material, rubbery to the touch, obviously under the lining, which allows you to customize the crown as desired, then the style of the hat.
Again, I suggest you watch this video that explains in a simple and clear way, as it is possible, with great ease, to shape the crown to your taste.

The nice thing is that when you give a shape, it remains, and if you want to return the crown to its original form, or open crown, it is equally possible in a simple and fast way.
This feature, in addition to the fact that it has a 16 cm high crown, made me inclined to purchase this hat, another interesting piece of the iconic Australian brand Akubra.

The felt is particularly well-groomed, well worked, a pleasure to the touch, and very comfortable to wear, with the leather sweatband, silk-screened in gold with the words Made in Australia and the brand Akubra.

The brims on the sides are rather bent, very rigid, rounded towards the crown, which makes this hat particularly appealing also from the aesthetic point of view.
The stiffness of the brim is excellent, and as is the hat as it is sold, as far as I'm concerned it is excellent, the same beautiful fold to the taut of the cowboy hat in palm leaf Atwood Gus.

The western hat Akubra Woomera has the front brim that follows the side ones, unlike a front dip cowboy hat.
I find it very well done, particularly robust, a great job of the Australian brand, in short: a pleasure to wear.

The cowboy felt hat Akubra Woomera as default is an open crow that you can customize as you like more
Akubra Woomera cowboy felt hat

The height of the crown of the Akubra Woomera

Without getting to the height of the top hat, the western hats with the rather high crown, 14-16 cm (5,5-6,3 inch), I like them a lot, I find them particularly interesting, very comfortable, whether they are felt for winter or straw or palm leaf for the summer.
The fact of having air between the head and the inside of the crown, improves, and much, the transpiration.

The Akubra Woomera felt cowboy hat, reflects the classic and pure western style, very simple and spartan when it is the open crown, or rather refined in style when the crown is shaped as desired.

Another thing that I particularly like in western hats, are the side drafts, in addition to the longitudinal fold over the crown: and in this case, you can really create as you want, you can delete and redo if it does not convince you, in a few moments.

This hat is really very comfortable when worn, even when the crown is open, when you just work the top and model as you wish, it becomes even more comfortable to carry as you can actually customize it for your head, as you see fit.
A particularly interesting solution is to leave the crown high in the back, and tilt it slightly in the front, needless to say, it again as in the hat Atwood Gus 7x palm leaf that has literally bewitched me, one of the styles that I prefer.

The Woomera felt is of excellent quality, I bought this sand-colored hat, like a hatband a simple ribbon of satin knotted, internally very well lined always in satin, and under the transparent plastic film is protected the brand Akubra just below the crown, the same as for the Bronco hat.

The finishing of Akubra western hats is particularly accurate, controlled, of high-quality.
Again, this is a made-to-last hat, a Mr. Hat in effect, worn makes you feel at ease, like any good hat should do.

I, my Akubra Woomera felt hat, and a cigar butt in my mouth, photo pencil style black and white
I, Woomera, and cigar butt

Where to buy Akubra Woomera western felt hat

You can buy Akubra Woomera also on eBay Italy, which is not bad at all as the product comes, of course, from Australia, the Homeland of the Aboriginals and the iconic Akubra brand.

Akubra Woomera on eBay Australia

Akubra Woomera on


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