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Bronco: my first Akubra hat

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This felt hat is very stiff, so I think could live a long life, this I expect a lot from a hat, and from this too.

Akubra hat Bronco

I'm crazy for the crown, you know; so could I leave a good hat like this in Australia? Not, sure, so I purchased.
My love for hats in cowboy style, pass even trough this iconic Australian brand, Akubra, and this hat, Bronco.


How to keep cleaned and fresh your cowboy straw hat

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Don't lose the moment when you have to keep your cowboy straw hat, don't get carried away: keep calm and use simple but successful kind of cleaning, lukewarm water, and medium-soft sponge and brush, and sweet hand.

How to keep cleaned and fresh your cowboy straw hat: with calm and simple kind of cleaning.

Keeping cleaned and fresh your cowboy straw hat is a simple action but needs alert: it doesn't need much to ruin it.
Fortunately, it's enough a good medium-soft sponge, a brush, with medium-soft bristles too, and kind of gentle way to clean it.
Even a simple eraser in medium-soft white and clean rubber, that for erasing pencil on paper.
Lukewarm water, better with spray, and clean with the sponge, and then brush.
That's all? Almost.


Keyboard Leopold FC660C with Topre switches: oh so pretty…

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Leopold FC660C is for me the best 60% keyboard I ever tried: a soft recoil of Topre switches with great support of backplate, a great idea from Leopold Company, this keyboard is her flagship

Leopold FC660C capacitance: C=Q/V=ε(A/t)

Leopold FC660C with Topre switches: I dunno if they are mechanical, membrane, hybrids, but what I know is they are delicious.
They are a great pleasure for writing, and this little but simply great 60% mechanical keyboards are lovely: if you try you can't come back. Oh yes.


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