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Leopold FC660C with Topre switches: oh so pretty…

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Leopold FC660C is for me the best 60% keyboard I ever tried: a soft recoil of Topre switches with great support of backplate, a great idea from Leopold Company, this keyboard is her flagship

Leopold FC660C capacitance: C=Q/V=ε(A/t)

Leopold FC660C with Topre switches: I dunno if they are mechanical, membrane, hybrids, but what I know is they are delicious.
They are a great pleasure for writing, and this little but simply great 60% mechanical keyboards are lovely: if you try you can't come back. Oh yes.


Stetson 10X straw hat Grant: my best

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Stetson 10X straw hat Grant has been my first straw hat and first Stetson made in the U.S.A. and I like a bunch it, with the touch style of the leather hatband with rhomboidal studs: simply great hat

Stetson 10X straw hat Grant

Stetson straw hat Grant is an: interesting hat for the hot seasons: light, stiffy, waterproof, in summer is the ideal even for the sun.
I dreamed a lot of time to have a hat with this style, and now this little big dream became true.


A sweet return to the five-blade razor shave

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My two, three and five-blade razor shave: the first two I used for a lot of years, recently I tried five-blade but when I decided to try DE safety razor I finally found out my ideal kind of shaving

2, 3 and 5blade razor shave

If I've got the great satisfaction to arrived at the DE safety razor it was thanks to the five-blade because of I was searching for a better shaving.
Although now I can't let the DE safety razor blade that I fell in love, I'm usually don't forget what was, and I would not feel honest if I had to speak badly about five-blade razor shave.