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Welcome on my spaghetti's language website -:)

In this website, I want to try writing in English even if my know-how is so and so, but the idea to make me understand in another language like me a bunch
Welcome to my website

This is my spaghetti's language website, where I want to write about someones of my passions:

  1. cowboy hats
  2. mechanical keyboards
  3. razor shave

Spaghetti language because of my mother tongue is Italian, but the passion for try to make me understand even in the English language is strong, so don't worry if I wrong; or better, sure I wrong, but I hope to make me understand and share with you my experience.

And would't you know it, I love spaghetti, I eat at least once every day, and there's no other way for me to be.

In last years of my life, I had to my the concept “better late than never”, I must make a virtue of necessity, and every now and then there is nothing so bad that is not good for something: histories of life, each to his own.

So recently, I found passion, or better, 3 passions (among others, like music, novel, dogs, …): I got hooked for cowboy hats, mechanical keyboards, and razor shave, last time, for example, I found out passion for a razor shave double edge, closed comb and open comb and quality blade, straw cowboy hats, and mechanical keyboards that make me enjoy writing on PC.

I would like a lot share with you my 3 passions, that's all.
This website is just started, but I hope well.
So, keep well, sometimes come back on my website and stay in touch !!!

I created a facebook page if you prefer to follow me in this way too: 3Passion.

I'm searching sponsorship for my website

I'm searching sponsorship for the work on my website, where I write in an honest way about my passions
Sponsors, you're welcome!!!

Do you need advertising for your sell?
This could be a good opportunity for your work, and for me too.
I write with passion and honesty my posts, about my passions: at the moment I write about mechanical keyboards, cowboy hats, razor shaving experience, and I have the intention to begin also write about boots and belts.
So, if you are interested to show your selling in my website, in the most appropriate category, please contact me.
Thanks, and stay in touch.


Felice Amadeo:'s author&owner lives by my passion, if you want to support my work, donate. Thanks. af1it

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Many years ago, a good street artist, after his performance as a juggler, said: “If you liked my show, show me the money, if you did not like it, write it on a banknote … !!!”
Smile & stay in touch !!!